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School Aims

We Always Strive to...

  • Recognise that every child is an individual who has the capacity to succeed

  • Establish values in students which lead to strong relationships underpinned by empathy and humanity

  • Encourage students to see that mistakes are part of the journey towards excellence

  • Develop a resilience in our students that sees them meet challenges with openness and enthusiasm

  • Celebrate the cultural diversity within our school that enriches the educational experiences of all our learners

  • Help students understand that, at times, relationships break down, but through determination they can be repaired, restored and improved

  • Fulfil individual potential through outstanding teaching and high standards of literacy and numeracy

  • Embrace the values of the Co-operative Trust, committing to working collaboratively with the wider community to promote learning, respect and social justice

  • Create a school environment that stimulates, engages and fosters a love of learning

  • Work closely with parents, governors and other key partners to develop a community committed to learning