Careers Week!


School is hosting its first "Careers Week" during the week of the 27th February 2017, to help students learn about the world of work.  Here are some of the activities that will be happening throughout the week: -

  • All subject lessons will have a "Careers Link" to help students understand the connection between their subjects and how these relate to different industries.

  • Students will learn about LMI (labour market information) in the Leeds/Bradford and surrounding areas

  • All assemblies will feature a guest speaker from industry who will help to inspire students about the different job roles within their business and the qualities needed to be successful.

  • Thursday 2nd March will see Priesthorpe's first CAREERS FAIR, where students from Years 9, 11, 12 and 13 can visit and speak to local employers, colleges, universities and training providers about the options available to them after school. Years 7, 8 and 10 can access the careers fair during break and lunch. A list of confirmed exhibitors can be found below.