Celebrating our students' success at GCSE & Post-16 results days

Over the last week, we have been delighted to welcome our Post 16 and Year 11 students into the academy for their respective Results Days, to help them celebrate their many and varied achievements.


Principal Martin Blacoe said, “It is always both incredibly exciting and humbling to share this experience with our students; a key milestone in their educational journeys. We have seen some excellent individual results from across subject areas and, as always, are incredibly proud of our students’ achievements. Ten students secured results portfolios containing 8 or more Grade A and A*s at GSCE level and seven secured the maximum Grade 9 in the new English Language/Literature and Maths examinations. These represent exceptional performances in terms of overall attainment. Alongside these outcomes, many students secured results, which demonstrated excellent progress from a variety of starting points. It is crucial that we recognise the distance travelled by our students, as well as the final destination. There have been many stories of success at Post 16 level. Over two thirds of our Year 13 students have taken up places at university for September. Others are embarking on new Apprenticeships. Two students have taken the exciting step of setting up their own business. To all, whether it be at Post 16 or in Year 11, we offer our sincere congratulations and best wishes for the future.”


In light of the new grading system that the government has introduced in GCSE English and Maths, it is very difficult to draw any comparisons with historic data. One method is to use what is now known as ‘5 Standard Passes including English and Maths’ and compare it with what was previously known as the ‘5 A*- C including English and Maths’ measure. We are pleased that this year we have seen a 6% rise in this overall headline figure. This is in no small part due to the rapidly improving outcomes that we are witnessing from across our Maths team. The 5 A*- C figure for the subject rose by 8% this year, when compared with 2015/16 figures.


We are thrilled that many of our Year 11 students are choosing to join our Sixth Form and begin their two-year Post 16 journey with us. To those that are taking their next educational steps at different institutions, or that are starting Apprenticeships, we wish them well, and thank them for making such a positive contribution to the fabric of Priesthorpe over the last 5 years. We offer the same sentiments and appreciation to our Year 13 students, over two thirds of whom will be shortly starting University courses across the country. It will be great to hear of their continuing successes over the coming years.


Finally, can I take this opportunity to thank Priesthorpe’s dedicated teams of Teaching and Associate Staff, who continue to work tirelessly to support both the personal and educational development of students across the academy. Without them, none of the above would be possible.


We look forward to welcoming back our body of students on the first Meet Your Coach Day of the year on Tuesday 5 September. It will be fabulous to see them wearing their new blazers and ties, which reflect the start of our new and exciting journey with the Co-operative Academies Trust.


Martin Blacoe