Year 10 Exam Week

Our Y10 students will soon be sitting their trial exams.

Please see below for useful information regarding the exams along with the Examination Timetable.

Any students who have timetable clashes have been issued an individual timetable.

Any further issues please see Miss Trees - Examination Officer.




Instructions for Examinations



  • For Period 1 exams - go to the Pre-Exam Room for 8.30am.


  • For Period 3 exams - go to the canteen for 10.45am.


  • For Period 4 exams - go to the Pre-Exam Room for THE START OF PERIOD 4.


      Seating Plans

  • You should check the notice boards BEFORE the exam to see where your seat is.


  • Take note of the row and column number (eg: A3 / B6)



  • Mobile phone to be put in lockers BEFORE the exam time.


  • Bags & notes to be put in lockers BEFORE the exam time. 


  • Please bring BLACK pens, pencils, maths equipment including rulers, compasses, calculators.


  • Pencil cases should be clear.



  • No talking once you have been called to go into the Exams Hall


  • No communication:

        You should face the front in the Exam Hall         

        You should avoid eye contact with other students

        You should avoid smiles or gestures to other students


  • You should remain silent until you have left the exam hall after the exam.