Year 10 work experience: a student's point of view


The week commencing 3rd July brought forward Year 10 work experience in which students could get a taster of the workplace. During this week, pupils were shown the skills essential to succeed in all professions. Work placements included pharmacies, solicitors, schools and medical centres.

This year, many students had succeeded in acquiring work placements. However, those who hadn’t, had the opportunity to attend a series of talks and activities from a range of different businesses. Those who came in included FDM group, Leeds City College and Bradford University. The talks and activities arranged were intended to develop the students’ understanding of different pathways.

At the beginning of the week, students were encouraged to discuss choosing a pathway and the certain skills that would be needed in their pathway. This further advanced to building upon their ability to cope within a workplace. The week ended with “Mock Interviews” which prepared students for what they possibly encounter in the future.

This week, I have been doing work experience in the Front Office. There, I have been trusted with a range of admin work. I have also had the opportunity to write short articles, consolidating this particular ability. Most importantly, I have been able to become familiar with the atmosphere of a working place whilst increasing my knowledge and understanding of how a school can be successfully managed.