Post 16 Confederation

Priesthorpe School is an integral component of the Pudsey Confederation, along with Crawshaw and Grangefield schools.

If you have any queries, please phone the UCAS support team on 0371 428 2568.

We welcome applications from students both within and outside the three Pudsey schools to join us in Year 12 in September 2016. Please apply online on the UCAS Progress website . You will need log-in details which your current school should be able to provide you with. Students already at PGS or Crawshaw, please note you can apply for a course or courses offered at Priesthorpe through your current school. 

The Pudsey Confederation is an established partnership between the three schools of Priesthorpe, Pudsey Grangefield and Crawshaw. This partnership has existed for over 20 years.

Confederation Map 

Why does it exist? The Confederation exists for many reasons. It allows students from our three schools to be offered the widest choice of curriculum possible by using courses available within the three schools. The choice of courses on offer has never been larger. Staff within the different schools make contact to develop teaching and learning ideas and spread good practice. The Confederation offers skilled and experienced staff who are dedicated to providing a learning experience which is of the highest quality and which is right for our students. We back this up with a caring and supportive environment. The Sixth Forms all share a common timetable, and for students travelling between the three centres, transport is provided at relevant times to enable attendance at lessons away from their parent school.