Visiting us

Following recommendations from a Safeguarding Audit in 2014 we are now operating a barrier system for visitors entering and leaving the school grounds. This is designed to prevent unknown visitors entering the site, and also to reduce and manage the volume of vehicle traffic on the driveway to protect students and other pedestrians.

Please will you be aware of the following guidelines to help the site operate smoothly.

For pedestrians, there is a footbridge for safe crossing of the Ring Road, which can be easily reached from New Pudsey Station or Pudsey Civic Centre - this is an ideal drop-&-walk option for strudents and visitors. At the entrance to the site there is a pedestrian gate: press the buzzer for Reception and once you have identified yourself we will open the gate.



Our vehicle entrance is on the clockwise side of the Ring Road under the footbridge, 200m along from the Owlcoates roundabout (please note you can not turn right into the drive from the anticlockwise carriageway).

If you are driving you will need to follow the road signs and pull over to the right hand side of the road before the barrier, to reach the control panel on the driver’s side.

Approaching the entrance...


Pull over to the control on the driver's side...

Where you can reach the control to speak to Reception.


While still in your vehicle, you will need to reach out and press the button marked ‘Reception’. There will be a few seconds delay before reception actually receives the call and then you will be asked to clarify your reason for visiting, so that we can raise the barrier.

Please approach the barrier one-by-one, and do not tailgate. The barrier is on a timer to allow for one vehicle at a time: if you attempt to follow another vehicle through, your vehicle may be damaged and the school cannot accept responsibility.



If you need to drop a pupil off for school, please drop them at the pedestrian gate and use the turning circle to leave.

If you have a sick or injured child we will of course let you drive up to reception and park in the visitors’ bays, but ordinarily (eg, for a dentist visit) we expect students to walk down to the barrier to be picked up there.



On leaving the school grounds you will need to slowly approach the yellow line in front of the barrier and wait for it to automatically raise up.



Please give way to traffic entering to avoid causing congestion on the Ring Road.

Please observe the 10mph speed limit at all times.

Please respect the pedestrian crossing, and also the yellow-boxes: do not obstruct the turning point at the foot of the drive, or the disabled or emergency-vehicle spaces.


Thank you for your help in keeping our students, staff and visitors safe on the site.