The Teaching Curriculum at Priesthorpe School

Priesthorpe provides a broad balanced curriculum for all students. In the last two OFSTED inspections the range and breadth of the curriculum offer has been described as good. The curriculum is annually adapted to meet the needs of students within teaching groups and is innovative and flexible. It meets the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum at all key stages, but aims to be responsive to individual student needs. A central focus is the vital development of literacy and numeracy skills.

The aim of the curriculum is to prepare students for life after school, developing the range of skills, knowledge and attitudes to learning for them to be successful. We recognise that the workplace our students will be competing in is global and fast changing. We feel very strongly that the development of students Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) is an important part of students’ development and therefore we aim to provide opportunities for the development of CREATIVE THINKING, TEAM WORKING, INDEPENDENT ENQUIRING, REFLECTION and SELF MANAGEMENT across all subject areas.

We work in partnership with a range of other providers to ensure that we offer a motivational curriculum, which is appropriate for students of all abilities.

A structured programme of Personal Social Health Citizenship and Emotional Education (PSHCEE, two hours of high quality Physical Education and a programme of Religious Studies (RS) is provided across key stages three and four.

Note that commencing September 2015 new course content and examinations are being introduced for both GCSE and A-Level: see the links below for details.

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