Keeping Children Safe Online

The internet and the growth in use of smartphones are a fantastic aid to learning, and can support the personal development of students by helping make and keep in touch with friends, find out about study tips, university and other education options, as well as jobs, careers and information on just about any topic.

But as with most things in life there is a darker side, and these tools can also be used for bullying, exploitation, and for some younger people to be distracted by harmful information.

At Priesthorpe we have an absolute priority on safeguarding all of our students, through a genuine atmosphere of care as well as very robust policies and procedures on everything from selective recruitment of staff to use of computers in school to everyday standards of acceptable behaviour.

Even so, we appreciate that we cannot be watching everywhere all the time, and also that not everybody is comfortable discussing these matters openly. Also, that it is very difficult for parents/carers and other family members to keep up to date with all of the modern technologies and ways that youngsters use them (especially for those of us who were at school long before these things existed).

So below, to help parents/carers and families be alert to some of the dangers, and to know where to look for help or advice, we share a few links to trusted organisations.

If you have any concerns at all about your child please contact the school and speak to their Coach or Year Manager, in confidence, at any time. Or, ask to speak to any of our designated Safeguarding specialists:-

  • John Goldthorp, Senior Assistant Headteacher
  • Danielle Wilson, Student Support Officer (Years 7 to 11)
  • Jinny Lazenby (Post 16)

There is a separate page here in the Student Zone for the young people themselves.

Click here for a helpful guide to buying a mobile phone for young people: at the foot of the page are some links to further advice on phones including lots of tips on safety, social media, and how to make the best use of the privacy and security settings.

Click here to download a handy guide with advice on how to keep young people safe on social media.





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CEOP (Government & Police on-line child-protection)


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  YOUNG MINDS (Child & Teenage mental health)

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