Regular attendance at school is vital in order that pupils benefit fully from opportunities offered to them at school. Priesthorpe is proud of its Whole School Attendance. Students are aware of their level of attendance at school and the importance it holds with excellent attendance being recognised and rewarded regularly.

Please CLICK HERE for a copy of a letter to parents in July 2015 reinforcing the need to support good attendance.

At Co-op Academy Priesthorpe we aim to:

  • Support raising achievement through improving school attendance
  • Ensure that every pupil maximises his/her educational opportunities through regular attendance
  • Address the causes of non-attendance

We adopt a Keep Kids Safe package to support us in ensuring good attendance and ask that parents ring our designated telephone number when their child is likely to be absent.

Keep Kids Safe - Text 07624810846 | Tel 08453558167

Just one day off can hamper children's life chances - Please click here to read more.