Priesthorpe School has an excellent reputation in the area for being a totally inclusive school. We aim to achieve this by ensuring that appropriate learning and positive experiences are offered to ALL students. The process involves structuring the environment, culture, curriculum and classroom organisation so that we are able to respond effectively to the diversity of students in our care and take into account the views and life experiences of every young person.

We are proud of the fact that Ofsted graded Community Cohesion at Priesthorpe as ‘Outstanding’ and that the Stephen Lawrence assessors have now classed us as a Level 3 school (March 2012).

We work very hard to ensure that ‘every child matters’ and are pleased with our success.

We are unique in the fact that we are in Partnership with the West Leeds SILC and presently over 30 SILC students are taught on our site in Partnership lessons. Priesthorpe and SILC staff work together to improve outcomes.

We are delighted with the development of the Oasis (our onsite provision for pupils with SEN, EAL and BESD.) Our support staff are highly trained and very effective in supporting pupils with a variety of needs and backgrounds. Pupils who are new to the country are welcomed and cared for within the Oasis as well as being supported by experienced support staff in lessons who allow them to integrate quickly and successfully.

It is our view that every young person may need extra support during their school life and students are well aware that the well established Pastoral team will be there for them when needed.

Year Managers, Year Leaders, Oasis staff, Mentors, OLC staff, SLT and the  Child Protection Team are available to help the young people in our care make sense of life and to reach their full academic potential.


Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is additional funding to the main school budget. It is based on the number of students within the Academy who receive, or have received within the last 6 years, Free School Meals. Additional funding is also provided for students who are Looked After and the children of Service Personnel. This significant extra resource exists to enable us to overcome the challenges faced by our students eligible for the Pupil Premium. 

Barriers to educational achievement faced by students eligible for the Pupil Premium are varied and personal to each individual. However, there are common barriers and these include, poor attendance, poor levels of engagement in learning, low-levels of literacy and / or numeracy and pastoral issues such as low self-esteem. It must be noted that these are some of the most common barriers and do not apply to all students eligible for Pupil Premium in the Academy. 

Please follow the links below for further details of the allocation of funds in each key area and the impact. 


Pupil Premium Students Planned Expenditure 2017/2018

Pupil Premium Impact Data - 2016/2017