KS4 Curriculum

The key stage four (KS4) curriculum

The core curriculum of English, Maths, Science, PSHCEE, PE and Religious Studies continues through years 10 and 11. Students select from a range of level 1 and 2 academic and vocational options to follow programmes of study which will motivate and challenge them to succeed. We aim to provide all students with the opportunity to achieve qualifications which will prepare them for the next level of study or work based learning. A broad range of GCSE and BTEC options are provided for students (see course choice booklet).

We aim to personalise the curriculum offer at KS4 to allow students to achieve good or outstanding outcomes at the level most appropriate for the learner to allow progression.

Opportunities are provided for more able students to gain greater depth of learning in some areas. We encourage all more able students to continue with their studies in a modern foreign language.

We continue to run partnership groups with West Leeds SILC (Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre) to provide appropriate learning opportunities for some students.

In the Autumn Term of year 11, students are supported to select programmes of study which will lead them into our Sixth Form. Within PSHCEE lessons students are supported to consider the full range of Post 16 options provided by all local educational and training providers. Follow the link to access the Leeds Pathways website and the Pudsey Confederation prospectus.

Students continue with their studies in year 11 until their final assessments are completed. On results day students are supported to select appropriate programmes of study.

Year 10 & 11 Curriculum Information

 For more information on our curriculum please contact

Mrs Louise Pratt, Deputy Headteacher, on 0113 257 4115 or email info@priesthorpe.org