Student Welfare at Priesthorpe

During transition, at the end of Year 6, the Year 7 team and the Key Stage 3 Coordinator will spend time making sure that the new Coaching Groups are carefully selected. This will generally allow some guided friendships to continue from Primary to Secondary School.

Each coaching group has approximately 10 students, allowing for personalised support and the development of strong relationships between students, staff and parents and carers. Coaches are attached to each year team and, apart from staff movement, will remain the key person in a pupil`s school life.

Small changes can take place in Year 11 and on into Year 12 and Year 13 in the 6th form.

The Coach is the first person the pupil should seek out for support within the year team led by the Year Manager who will stay with the year group for their 5 years.

Each Key Stage is supported by a Head of Key Stage. The whole student welfare system is overseen by the Senior Assistant Head, in charge of Inclusion.

In the event of any concerns, parents/carers are encouraged to contact the Year Manager in the first instance or make contact with the Group Coach via the pupil planner.

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