Staying Safe Online

The internet and smartphones are brilliant to help with school work, as well as keeping in touch with friends, finding out about study tips, university and other education options, plus jobs, careers and information on just about any topic.

And lots of music.

And fun stuff.

And cats. Lots of cats...

But as with most things in life there is a darker side, and phones and internet can also be used for bullying, adults who want to harm you, and for some younger people to be distracted by harmful information.

At Priesthorpe we really care about keeping you safe, but we can't be watching everywhere all the time. We also get that not everybody feels comfortable talking about these things.

So below, here are a few links designed for young people to get advice on on-line safety, self-harm, sexting, bullying, and how to talk to someone... including what to do if you are worried about a friend.


Click here for a handy Top 10 Tips for Mobile Phone Safety


  Think U Know

Click here for age 11-13     Click here for age 14+


  Leeds Safeguarding 

             Click Here


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guide  Click Here