Student Voice

Year Council

Each coaching group in each year group elects a ‘coaching rep’ who sits on the Year Council. ‘Coaching reps’ are responsible in leading at least one coaching meeting per half term to discuss issues of concern and/or their ideas for ‘areas of improvement’ within school. These students bring the groups ideas/ concerns to the attention of the Year Council to try and agree on possible solutions. Year council meetings may also be used to agree actions and decisions.

School Council

The School Council is made up of representatives from each year group. The representatives from each year group take ideas from their Year Councils and put them forward at the School Council meetings.

The School Council meets regularly to discuss issues that have been brought to them; the main aim is to be the voice of the pupils and to make sure that the pupils' voice is heard.

A School Council member is elected Chairperson. There are also roles for Vice Chairperson and Secretary.

Miss Nicholas, Assistant Principal, supports the School Council.


The Year and School Council aims to reflect the voice of the pupils of Priesthorpe. It looks at issues/ideas that have been brought forward and decides what action should be taken. Both groups look at a range of areas that affect the student body, for example most recently the students have been involved in decisions made around changes to the praise and rewards system and the change in school uniform.


If you are a pupil and there is anything that you would like the Year/School Council to discuss then please let your ‘coaching rep’ know so that it can be addressed.